I have been thinking of the best gift to donate to the local welding school for orphans. I have been thinking of various tools associated with welding that I can order online and donate them to this school. In my research, I have come up with just the right tool. I have decided that I am going to order a couple of angle grinders for them. I cannot say that I have any prior experience with these tools. However, I have found a lot of information about these grinders and after I donate a couple of them, I will order one for my own use.

Everyone should have an angle grinder

For a welder, a handyman, a mason, a plumber or any other person that works with his or her hands, an angle grinder is one of the best tools to have in one’s collection. You are going to find this power tool in any welding workshop. It is powerful and it pretty well does just about anything that you put it to. Whether you are a plumber or a mason, this is an indispensable tool.

The angle grinder is quite flexible. After all, it is not called an angle grinder for nothing. It is because it can cut at an angle. Thus, you can even use it to reach those nifty corners that other tools fail to reach. However, it is also a dangerous tool, so do not attempt any of the risky cuts with the grinder. Start slow and build up on the speed that you can do as you gain more skill and experience.

Just as you do when buying other tools or materials such as the best welding blanket for your workshop, do not take chances when buying your angle grinder. I know this is easier said than done as there are so many of them in the market and all of them claim to be the best. Now, in this case, you will realize that best is quite relative. Before you order one, I think you should read reviews that other users have left for the tool.

It is better to pay more for a better angle grinder

Do not think about the price too much. By now, we should know that the best power tools cost more money. However, it is always better to pay more money, get more features and durability than pay less money and have the grinder die on you sooner rather than later. Most of the time, DIY enthusiasts waste their money on cheap and worthless tools. Now, this is not to say that you cannot get a good and affordable power tool because you can. You would just have to be more thorough in the buying process.

Buy a grinder according to the disc size. Now, the bigger the disc that an angle grinder is supposed to use, the more powerful it will be. However, bigger grinding discs are not always very accurate. Thus, if you are looking for accuracy, you had better go for a grinder that uses a smaller disc.

Another thing that you may want to consider is the speed of the grinder. The higher the better because it will cut faster and save you time. However, also consider your comfort as well as the weight of the grinder. Too much is not good.

Here are two angle grinders that you can buy for your use today:

DW840 DeWalt Grinder

DeWalt DW840

DeWalt is one of those names that you can invest in confidently knowing that the tool you buy is going to give you good service. The bold yellow color looks nice, and the build of the grinder is quite endearing. It is also easy to access the brushes in case you need to replace them. Another thing that you will love about this angle grinder is that the internal parts are covered against metal shavings and dust.


  • Big disc at 7 inches
  • High power at 7000 RPM
  • Keyless adjustability for the guard
  • Rear handle is quite ergonomic
  • Good for grinding at angles and tight places


  • It tends to overheat

Makita GA7021

Makita GA7021

This is the best angle grinder for sure, but it is also a bit costly for many people’s taste. However, you will love that it performs as it is expected to, and at 7000 RPMs, well, you will get your metal, tiles or plastic cut faster. The wheel guard is adjustable without using tools.

View other products here: https://www.ratemywelder.com/best-angle-grinder-reviews/


  • Handle can be adjusted to three positions
  • The soft rubber grip is nice and comfy on your hands
  • Easy-to-access brushes
  • Easy to use, with enough safety features


  • No cons whatsoever

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