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VII Orientale Concentus 2014 in Singapur

logoOrientale Concentus, conceptualised in 2008 with the purpose of promoting international arts and cultural exchange and youth choral music development, has seen a successful run across China, Taiwan and South Korea. Participants in earlier editions not only hail from host countries, but also from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and even the United Kingdom. The upcoming seventh edition of the festival, scheduled to take place from 9 to 13 July 2014, at the School of the Arts marks the first time it would be held in Singapore. It is expected to attract close to 2,000 participants from 40 to 50 choirs around the world.


Orientale Concentus 2014 – Key Programmes Competition:

The competition is the main highlight of our festival with the largest prize money awarded. It is through the competition that participants learn to work together to achieve a common goal. Through the preparation for competition, participants also constantly challenge themselves as a motivation to perform better.

Orientale Concentus invites all professional and non-professional choirs to actively participate. Through participation choirs will be able to garner valuable experience and have a better understanding of their present artistic level achievements

Individual Master Class:

During the individual master class, choir members together with the choir conductor will be able to work specifically on the choir’s strengths and weaknesses identified by the adjudicators during the Competition.

Mass Master Class:

Conducted in a lecture style environment, the mass master class aims to provide participants with an all-rounded learning experience. The mass master class will also include the use of a Demo choir. Through the demo choir, participants will be able to have a better understanding of what the clinician intends to convey.

School / Choir Exchange:

Participating choirs will be given the opportunity to interact with other choirs from other nations. It is through such sessions that they interact, relate and forge lasting friendships.

Outdoor performance:

Choirs will have various opportunities to perform in various locations in Singapore, from education institutions to the various attractions in Singapore increasing their exposure to the Singapore audience.

Concert in the Dark:

Concert in the Dark is a unique and innovative concert series conducted in complete darkness aimed at providing an authentic music experience without the glitz and glamour of visual effects and costumes. This concert is part of our community effort to raise awareness on the visually impaired.

Gala Concert / Closing Ceremony:

Each category winner will present their winning choral pieces to the other participants and visitors at the Grand Prix competition. The winner for the Grand Prix will then be announced and awarded the festival’s Grand Prize. Part of the ticket proceeds from this concert will be channeled to our adopted festival charity beneficiary, Arc Children’s Centre- a day care centre for children with cancer.

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