Same as a painter, when you do your thing with the welding machine, you know that you cannot let the weld splatter on other items. That is why you need a welding blanket to protect your items. I was looking for a welding blanket some time back, and I realized just how tough shopping can be at times. There are always so many varieties of welding blankets in the online marketplaces and the choices can be confusing. I did manage to buy a few of these blankets though and now my work is better than before.

If you too are looking for one, here are a few tips to help you shop for a welding blanket easily:

Material used to make the blanket

Blanket for welding

Years ago, the most common material used to make welding blankets was asbestos, but it was outlawed because of safety reasons. However, it is still possible that some rogue vendor out there could be selling such blankets. That is why even if you do not know what the material should be, just know that asbestos is bad and you do not want it.

Look for a welding blanket made with Kevlar, yes, the same material that is used to make bulletproof vests. It is also fireproof, which is the first reason for buying a welding blanket.

Fiberglass welding blankets are also very common. These are made with just about the same materials that are used to make glass. Glass is fire resistant, but it does melt at high temperatures, and you can be sure that you will never reach the melting point of fiberglass in your workshop. This blanket has high heat resistance too, which makes it perfect for covering things that you do not want to burn.

Leather blankets

Flame retardent blanket

Good ol’ leather never fails to serve its purpose, does it? There are leather welding blankets, which are fire-resistant and with good care, they can last a long time. It might be more expensive to buy such a blanket, which is heavier by the way. But the good thing is that you get good value for the cost as the blanket lasts a long time. Leather is much better and more durable when compared to fiberglass. Depending on where you are welding, you can buy a big or a medium-sized leather blanket for welding. It will protect your items against the welding splatter and sparks.

Felt welding blankets

This is quite a surprise to many people because many do not know that felt is even more fire resistant than leather and fiberglass. However, it has a fire resistance of up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. It feels more comfortable against your skin. The only problem with felt is that it is not very durable, and therefore you might be in the stores sooner, looking for a new welding blanket.

These are just about the main materials used to make welding blankets. Fiberglass seems to be the most common since it lasts a long time and is cheap to buy. However, do not buy it blindly. Consider the types of finishing, and make sure the blanket has grommets so that you can hang it when you need to.